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11th January 2016

Shibuya Center Gai | Birthplace of fashion

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If anyone asks me to tell him the best places I have ever seen, I obviously start with Shibuya Center Gai. It is one of the most famous streets in Japan. If you ever make a visit in Shibuya my recommendation is, go there and it will be a memory. It is a center of youth fashion. It is full of stylish clothing shops and youth entertainment spots.

Though in 2011 its name was officially changed from “Shibuya Center Gai” to “Basketball Street”. The local government thinks this name change has improved the image and character of the street. I’m telling you this (Basketball Street) name because you may have heard this. There are long histories of this street, but I’m not telling you that. In this article I’m gonna tell you why and what are you going to do in there.

Getting to Shibuya Center Gai

Shibuya Crossing

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To go to Shibuya Center Gai first you have to go Shibuya Crossing. You may have heard this name before or may have seen it in many movies. In front of the Shibuya crossing you will see a huge display showing advertisement. On the left side of this you will find a road extending to the west and this is Shibuya Center Gai. The arch shaped entrance gate and basketball in there will help you to find it easily.

Things you can do in Shibuya Center Gai

  • Buy Fashionable dress and shoes
  • Play your favorite games
  • Eat your favorite foods
  • Introduce yourself with Japanese culture

Fashion Paradise of Shibuya

I personally call it fashion paradise. This place is popular with all school and college students for its fashionable stores, restaurants and clubs. You will experience Japanese culture and unique style of clothes.

Shibuya center gai

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You can buy stylish dress and shoes from many popular brands at a reasonable price. ASBEE which is a gigantic shoe store, you will love their collection. When you go there you will feel free to buy anything because you will have a plenty of options. If you fail to choose the best match for you, people in there will give you suggestions.

Food and Drinks

You will notice many restaurants in center gai. You can buy your foods there. If you are a burger lover, you can go to burger king one of the most famous fast food restaurant companies. If you don’t like it, you can choose another restaurant. As I said you have plenty of options.

Shibuya center gai food

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Other Entertaining and jewelry stores

Don’t think Shibuya center gai is only a place of restaurants, cloth and shoes. There are other stores, like video game arcade where you will find all types of video games you like. Here you will find music store and jewelry store. The jewelry stores are in the middle of Shibuya Center Gai. Though this store has started its journey recently.

In Shibuya center gai you will find a crowd of young boys and girls all time. It has become a meeting place for them. If you ever have time to visit here you should visit here both day and night time. At night it becomes more amazing. Though it is said, Shibuya center gai is not a safe place at night. But I think it is safer than any other country.

There are some famous places near Shibuya center gai. When you visit Shibuya center gai you should visit there too.

Place you should visit near center gai

  1. Shibuya plug
  2. Hichko
  3. Moyai Statue
  4. Hello Kitty Store 109-2
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